Project Objectives

The Boardwalk underneath Island Eastern Corridor (proposed Boardwalk) connecting Causeway Bay and Quarry Bay is one of the 13 projects under the $6.5 billion dedicated funding for harbourfront enhancement. With the completion of the proposed Boardwalk, the harbourfront of the northern shore of Hong Kong Island stretching from Shek Tong Tsui in Western District to Aldrich Bay in Shau Kei Wan will be fully connected, providing a continuous promenade of some 12 km long for public enjoyment. The proposed Boardwalk is approximately 2.2 kilometres (km) long and maintains a width of at least 10 metres (m) wide throughout, with a western and an eastern section. The western section (approximately 0.7 km long) runs from Oil Street to Tong Shui Road, whereas the eastern section (approximately 1.1 km long) runs from Tin Chiu Street to Hoi Yu Street. These two sections will be connected by the existing North Point Promenade (approximately 0.4 km long).

Design Concept of the proposed Boardwalk

With the proposed Boardwalk’s unique location, it has an inherent bond with water and wave. Embodying the essence of wave movement and the energetic city, the proposed Boardwalk adopts an overall concept of “Citywave”, with eight thematic sections between Oil Street to Hoi Yu Street. These themes will transform the space underneath IEC into a pleasant landmark of Hong Kong where the public can enjoy and share, taking into account the characteristics of the localities to establish linkages with the existing community.

Design Features of the proposed Boardwalk

The space under the IEC will be transformed to a functional public space, comprising a serenity zone and a mobility zone, to accommodate both sedentary and physical activities along the boardwalk. The serenity zone invites visitors to stop by wherever they like to rest, enjoy the sea view and/or carry out different activities, while the mobility zone provides ample space for the safe and shared use among different users strolling along the Boardwalk including pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, pet owners and other user groups. Cascade seating will be provided along the proposed Boardwalk at selected locations outside the shading of IEC for public to enjoy the views of Victoria Harbour.

There will be six viewing platforms provided along the proposed Boardwalk for public enjoyment of the panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. There will also be a fishing platform formed near Tong Shui Road with cascade seating design to serve anglers. The levels of the viewing platforms and fishing platform will be slightly lower than the proposed Boardwalk to bring users more close to water. To allow the passage of vessels to the inner water area, three movable bridges will be installed. The design concept for two of them is inspired from birds flying freely above the Victoria Harbour.